The Equation with All the Answers

Posted by Nour Jaljuli, 8 months ago

The Equation with All the Answers

Whether you be a math enthusiast or not, you must have come across the following math equation during your ventures on the internet

6÷2(1+2) =?

If not, we give you the opportunity right now to take a look and try to solve it on your own.

Whatever answer you come up with, someone on the internet will have come up with a different one with a very plausible explanation. We came up with a range of answers but found 9 to be the most persuasive. If you are looking for an explanation, all you have to do is look at the basics of universal mathematics:







The rules of BODMAS will provide the guiding map on this mathematical journey. The first step is the easiest; calculate what is in the brackets which will add up to 3 no matter which side of the internet you're on. The equation becomes:

6÷2(3) =

The controversy is in the second step. Those who choose to multiply 2 by what is in the brackets will come up with the answer 1. However, we chose to release the 3 from the brackets and replace it with a multiplication symbol so it would be 


The steps then become clear; we must divide and then multiply resulting in an obvious 9

6÷2*3= 3*3= 9

What was your answer? Let us know in the comments below, your argument might be strong enough to persuade us to change ours! 

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